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Cost of conservatory extensions

By having or adding a conservatory to your home, the home’s value will increase along with providing your family can enjoy with more interior room and a place to grow plants. The costs of adding or refurbishing an existing conservatory are offset by the added value your home will be worth to most. Conservatories come in a range of styles from small lean to conservatories to large full size Edwardian design. You can also choose from arrange of roof styles from tiles to a lower cost polycarbonate conservatory roof

How much does a conservatory cost?

As you would expect the main factors that determine the final costs labour aside are the size and the materials used. We can help you with comparing the labour costs of professional accredited builders in your locality. After that is all down to size and choice of materials.The cost of conservatory need not be ultra expensive and the cost of conservatory can be reduced if you opt for a prebuilt design. However, if you need a a design that is unique expect to pay extra for the design, build and installation.

Cost of conservatory will depend on material used to build

Besides the cost of the labour, the true costs of this type of addition are determined by the material you will use to construct it. What should be noted is that the translucent panels are the primary material and the type chosen will not only determine the price of making this addition, but also the comfort level inside once it is completed along with the energy bills used to heat and cool the new room. The homeowner should also know that the roof can be one material and the side panels another so the costs can be mitigated. The least expensive is polycarbonate with other options being double pane and low e-glass also referred to as double glazed panels. As such, the final cost of coservatoty will depend on the choice of materials used in the build.

Cost of Conservatory will also depend on type of frame

The framing material is another factor that must be determined. The options include uPVC as the least expensive with natural wood being the highest in cost. In between are engineered wood, metal, aluminium and brick. The material used should either complement the home it is being added to or be of the same material.

What other factors determine the cost of a conservatory

The size of your new addition is another large factor in the costs. The larger the conservatory the more expensive it will be and the longer it will take to complete which will increase the labour costs. When it comes to design you have a few options and each will impact the cost of conservatory. We have listed the most popular design styles below.

The design of the new conservatory will also play into the cost of your new room. This section will determine the type of roof you will use. There are Lean-to, Edwardian, Orangery, Gable and Victorian. As part of the design, you will also have the option of full walls or dwarf walls. 

How much should a lean to conservatory cost?

The lean-to design is used by homeowners where space is at a premium. By some homeowners, this space is referred to a sunroom. The roof is attached to an existing exterior wall of the home and declines as it moves to the outer side of the structure. The sides can be existing parts of the home, closed in with solid walls or with glass panels. It is the simplest design and in most instances the lowest in material and labour costs. The shape of the new space is generally a square or rectangle. The maximum height is the lower section of the roof where the conservatory is being attached to an existing home.

What is a Victorian Conservatory design and its cost?

The Victorian style of conservatory is considered the most popular design. The pitched roof design has a front bay with 3 to 5 panels at angles. The base is in the shape of a hexagon on the outward section with the back wall flush with the existing wall of the home creating a 5 sided room.

What is an Edwardian Conservatory design and cost of conservatory?

This is a pitched roof design with a centre ridge and is on a base structure of either square or rectangular. It is attached flush to the home on one side. This design is less complicated than the Victorian conservatory and easy to construct. It also makes better use of space than its Victorian counterpart. 

What is an Orangery design and its cost?

This design is usually used on smaller homes and makes use of non-translucent building materials more than the average conservatory. This type of structure is also commonly referred to as a Home Extension. It is generally the most expensive type of addition, due to the material used in the construction process. On the plus side because of the material used in this type of addition is generally more energy efficient.

What is a Gable design and its cost?

The Gable design can be incorporated into either the Victorian or Edwardian since the structural change is in the way the roof is shaped. By having a gable roof, the ceiling will be higher and weigh more. If this is being added to an existing structure, the foundation needs to be checked to make sure it can handle the additional weight. 

Cheap Conservatories – how to buy a conservatory on a smaller budget?

The use of certain building materials and simplifying the design will help to reduce the final cost of conservatory. If possible look at the different conservatories in a showroom and inquire if any of the display models are for sale. These are always sold for a discount price when available.

Lowest cost building materials include polycarbonate for the roofing tiles along with the framing being white uPVC. The side panels should be full size and can be either glazed glass or polycarbonate panels instead of dwarf panels due to the lower cost of the full size materials. 

It is also possible to purchase a factory made kit conservatory. The most common is the rectangle and square Edwardian design because of its use of a simple layout. The lean-to is also available in kits. 

Money can be saved in the foundation by using a prefabricated steel foundation which is less expensive than using a concrete slab. By prepping the ground by the homeowner money can be saved on the cost of conservatory instead of letting the contractor do this labour intensive task. 

If a door or windows will be used in the design, make sure they are standard sizes you can purchase at a general building supply outlet. Custom and handmade features always increase the cost of a conservatory

When using a contractor for the construction of your conservatory, always obtain multiple bids and if possible have the construction period be in the fall or winter. These are the slow seasons for construction work and the cost of conservatory shoudl work out lower. 

The cost of finishing the new space will add to the final cost of conservatory

The final touches used in the new space is a place prices can soar. This final stage has to be determined before construction begins so the necessary preparation for them can be in place. The electrical lines need to be put into place during the framing process so the lights, outlets and fans can receive power. These lines can be added with external conduits, but for a better appearance, they should be hidden in the walls. 

The flooring must also be decided. The three main options are ceramic tiles, wood parquet flooring and vinyl tile. The vinyl tile is the lowest in price, ceramic tile is the easiest to maintain and for many the wood parquet is preferable. For those with the money, terracotta tiles can be used. These are clay tiles and the most expensive. 

The different translucent material and its costs.

Single pane glass is low in cost, but the least desirable due to its poor insulating qualities. These are an old style of window and did little to insulate the interior of the room from the temperature changes outside. To add an insulating characteristic to this type of window would require a storm window or second single pane window installed. These are from 3/32” to 1/8” in thickness. This is also referred to as single glazed.

Double pane glass is the preferred choice for a conservatory. The window comes from the manufacturer with two panes joined together with a space between them. This is also referred to as double glazed. 

Triple pane glass is the most expensive and considered as a luxury item. Most experts do not consider the additional cost worth the increased level of insulation they provide.

High performance glass has either argon or krypton gas in the space between the panels.

Tempered glass is when a glass pane is heated and then cooled at a rapid pace that changed the chemical structure of the glass much like this process does with tempered steel. This type of glass is up to 4 times stronger than standard untreated glass panes.

Polycarbonate can also be used instead of glass and is classified as a thermoplastic. It does not break as glass does and is considerably lighter in weight. The biggest drawback is that over time the UV rays of the sun will weaken the molecular bonds of the plastic and the panel will adapt a yellow tint. The final cost of conservatory can vary greatly by the choice of glazing a material. We advise to avoid single galzing and if it is within your budget opt for triple galzing.

The different framing material will go twards determining the final cost of conservatory 

The framing material can be of several different types of material, the choice will play an impartant factor in the final cost of conservatory. What should be remembered is that the glass panels will also provide some structural support for the new room. 

uPVC is Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is the low cost alternative to the other materials. This is a rigid all weather martial can does not need to be painted. It does come in a wide variety of colours, but white is the least expensive.

Hard and softwoods are also used. The harder woods like oak, cherry, walnut and hickory are hardwoods that look better and last longer, but are harder to work with along with being more expensive. Softwood like pine is easy to work with and less expensive, but absorbs more moisture unless finished properly.

Manufactured wood is also called chip wood and particle board. This is basically wood chips glued together. Some manufactures guarantee its strength for 20 years. After the time period, the glue begins to break down.

Metal framing can be found and used if it is powder coated to prevent it from rusting. It is strong and one of the heaviest materials that can be used for framing and as long as it is sealed will remain in place the longest.

Aluminium is the preferred choice if a metal frame is desired. It is strong, lightweight and rust resistant that can be powder coated to any colour.

Brick can be used as a framing material and will add to the structural integrity of the new room. This is used when the main structure is also made of brick. It is expensive, but energy efficient. The downside is the support areas will be wider than any other type of framing which reduces the amount of sunlight reaching into the room.

A conservatory can be added for nearly any budget so a family can have an extended area of living in their home. All that is required is the space to put it up and access to the materials desired for the construction of it. This type of room will add a warm, vibrant space for the family to enjoy for years to come. Your choice of framing material will have a big impact of cost of conservatory, again avoid the cheap soft wood options that will require continual treament to keep looking their best.

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The final cost of conservatory will as you should now appreciate depend on your choice of material and the size plus final finishing touches. On top of that is the actual labour and design costs which can be substantial. That is why it is prudent to not accept the first bid especially if you have not used the contractor before, but get multiple quotes from a range of qualifies and vetted tradesmen. We in partnership with Quotis can help you do just that. How? Select Start Quote below and spend a few minutes entering your base requirements. Then sit back and let them provide quotes for the cost of conservatory 

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